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sunshine kid

reliving my weaboo phase, watch out


i will revive the soul eater fandom from its cold grave with my own two hands if i have to. and it will be cooler and better than ever before. just like that zombie teacher. except less blue


Some times ago i’ve seen a fanart of Sakura wearing Mondo’s outfit… and i couldn’t resist to do my version.
I missed drawing Sakura so much </3

Done in Tombow+PS edit (halo brush by gingerhaole over DA)


one of my favorite things about neopets is how two of my Special Color pets have hardly any clothes available while this egg has a bigger wardrobe than i do in real life


get outta here fashion egg


Kids inherit more than just skills and classes from their associated parents in the Japanese voice set of Awakening.

It’s mathematics 


One of my favorite parts of this series is that whenever Bartimaeus describes Kitty or Ptolemy, he says things like “Pretty” “Handsome” “Elegant” “Good-looking” but any other time he’s like “I was summoned by some putrid sweaty abominable horror and oh wait that’s Nathaniel”



my fav thing about laurent and lucina is how they are like. the mom and dad of the kid group, respectively. laurent nags and frets and has eyes in the back of his head. lucina is the head of the pack and the go-to person when it comes to getting spiders out of your tent. she is also charmingly oblivious in the sense that you can almost get away with something, providing you word it in a vague enough way and laurent does not hear a whiff of it. pegasi aren’t allowed in the mess tent? why, i had no idea




fixed the colors in this version