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reliving my weaboo phase, watch out

there is a lot of fire emblem awakening on this blog, and very little else, hello


remade as a sideblog. if someone with the url couldntve follows you, its me

Game Typography Challenge (x)

29 - Create a lyrical typographical poster.


Have a selfie.

im so gay for fire emblem goodnight


married. theyre married.


yeah,yeah, that’s it

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ok look just watch this video and try 2 tell me this is not a perfect romance

anna/tiki is legit one of my top fe:a ships plz consider anna/tiki

anna is a smackcam legend

anna building her way to vine and snapchat infamy by catching tiki falling asleep in strange and unexpected places

modern au anna in shutter shades and a snapback watching shitty reality tv and making a fortune off of sniping items on ebay.